ATF JTAG Activation

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ATF JTAG Activation

Credits and Activations


ATF JTAG Activation - Supported Boxes

ATF JTAG Activation - Main Features

  • Simple and effective interface
  • Clear JTAG pinouts viewer
  • Fast JTAG connection (480 Mbps USB connection via ATF Box)
  • Fully customizable software GUI language (create your own Language File)
  • Repair any "dead boot" Lumia WP8 phone
  • Quick fix option (for dead phones via flashing)
  • Full Boot option (for dead phones via EMMC boot corruption)

ATF JTAG Activation - Supported Models: *

Support for Nokia Models

  • Lumia 928 RM-860
  • Lumia 925 RM-910
  • Lumia 925 RM-893
  • Lumia 925 RM-892
  • Lumia 920T RM-867
  • Lumia 920 RM-822
  • Lumia 920 RM-821
  • Lumia 920 RM-820
  • Lumia 820 RM-826
  • Lumia 820 RM-825
  • Lumia 820 RM-824
  • Lumia 720T RM-887
  • Lumia 720 RM-885
  • Lumia 620 RM-846
  • Lumia 521 RM-917
  • Lumia 520T RM-913
  • Lumia 520 RM-915
  • Lumia 520 RM-914

eMMC Tool 5.00 (PRO)

  • Samsung SM-J7008
  • Samsung SM-J700F
  • Samsung SM-J700H
  • Samsung SM-J700K
  • Samsung SM-J700M
  • Samsung SM-J700P
  • Samsung SM-A310F
  • Samsung SM-A310M
  • Samsung SM-A310N0
  • Samsung SM-A310Y
  • Samsung SM-A5108
  • Samsung SM-A510F
  • Samsung SM-A510K
  • Samsung SM-A510L
  • Samsung SM-A510M
  • Samsung SM-A510S
  • Samsung SM-A510Y
  • Samsung SM-A710F
  • Samsung SM-A710K
  • Samsung SM-A710L
  • Samsung SM-A710M
  • Samsung SM-A7100
  • Samsung SM-A710S
  • Samsung SM-A710Y
  • Samsung SM-G903F
  • Samsung SM-G903FD
  • Samsung SM-G903M
  • Samsung SM-G903W
  • Samsung SM-T670
  • Samsung SM-T677A
  • Samsung SM-T677K
  • Samsung SM-T677L
  • Samsung SM-T677V

Please provide us with your ATF serial number while placing an order.

Serial number can be found in the software:


As soon as credits deposited on your account, we will send you an email.

ATF JTAG Activation - Brief User Manual

  1. In Advance Turbo Flasher Activation window, under Nokia Service tab, select "ATF Plus" from drop-down menu.
  2. Choose JTAG tab and hit "Activate JTAG" button. Note that this activation requires 39 ATF JTAG credits.
  3. Message "JTAG Activation Done" indicates that procedure was completed successfully.

To read more detailed manual with pictures, please follow this link.

Please note that you need to provide your Advance Turbo Flasher Box serial number (24 digits) while placing an order. Also please be informed that the version of ATF Box firmware should be 10.3.70 or higher.

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

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